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Working with Calm and Concise to enhance their brand marketing and artist development. Through SFM Consulting, I manage:

- Calm and Concise's Artist Instagram

- C.A.C. Merchandise Instagram 


Currently focuses on:

- Content Curation: Managing Calm and Concise's Instagram page to establish their brand and aesthetic

- Content Creation: Proposing ideas for photo shoots, audio/video direction, and editing. Assisted with concepts for covers and original songs.

- Strategizing content creation plans and campaigns for new single, music video launch, and upcoming releases

- Proposing social media posting schedules and captions for all content to clients; Compiling promo clips and pictures to advertise their brand and new music

- Advertising & Campaign Analysis: Manage and execute Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns to direct traffic to YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify

VAW06938 (1).JPG


- Digital Channel Optimization - Correct metadata throughout YouTube channel, videos descriptions, and Facebook artist page

- Doubled Facebook likes within first week

- Launched their new merchandise collection and created a merchandise Instagram to increase reach and sales
- Strategized content and captions to connect with audience more

-​ Edit and color-grade photos when necessary
- Increased Instagram followers organically
- Created specialized master links that contain links to DSP's and social channels



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