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​My debut self-titled EP, Sami Fong, was released on November 1, 2019. All songs were written, performed, and co-produced by Sami Fong.

SFM Consulting marketing focus:

- Digital Channel Optimization for all platforms

- Social Media Ads & Campaign Analysis

- Content Creation

- Implementing Organic Strategies



- Released Chapters (Acoustic) music video

- Curated social media posts to promote the EP and various songs

- Began with 1,130 Instagram followers and 62 Spotify followers (averaged 900-1,000 streams). However, after conducting Instagram marketing campaigns:

     (1) Quadrupled Instagram followers to over 4,900

     (2) Increased Spotify to over 30,000 total EP stream

     (3) Chapters Acoustic version has over 28,000 streams

     (4) Increased Spotify to +1,500 followers and average 1.4K monthly listeners


Launched Sami Fong's "Song Spotlight" blog series on her website to share the inspiration behind each song of her EP.

Example of one of the Song Spotlights below:

SONG SPOTLIGHT: Smoke & Mirrors

Every month, I will pick a song from my new EP and share the story behind why I wrote it.

     When writing 'Smoke & Mirrors,' I was influenced by Taylor Swift's catchy pop lyrics and One Republic's pop/rock style of layering multiple guitars and mixing big organic drums with synthetic sounds. This song tells the story of those who conceal themselves behind a facade, while their true identity is revealed by looking in a mirror. This parallels the dynamics that I have seen with people who try to hide their true self. Their reasons for hiding behind a "mask" may vary, including seeking approval, burying insecurities, and anxiety about public judgement. However, no matter how hard they try to suppress their true colors, a mirror will always expose what they have tried to cover up. After spending so much time trying to hide their flaws, this facade will become their poison and they will lose themselves. With this song, I am trying to spread the message that one does not need to hide behind the "smoke" and lose themselves because they are not alone.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a chance to listen to Smoke & Mirrors!

- Sami Fong

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